Experience sustainable
farming from anywhere

Grow your sustainable produce with Venonto's Smart Farm Solutions. No matter where you live, we offer custom-designed urban farm solutions, making it simple for you to grow your organic farm with minimal hassle.

Who we are

We are a team of experts and passionate growers who design, build, and test the most innovative and productive farming systems. Our Smart Farm Solutions are capable of producing fresh, healthy produce anywhere, in any climate.

We help you build your modern organic farm in an affordable modular system without the cost or complexity of traditional farming methods—all while being conscious about our eco-footprint.

Hydroponic Farming

Embark on your journey of cultivating your harvest effortlessly! Our do-it-yourself (DIY) hydroponics kits are designed to offer a convenient solution, supplying you with all the essential components like replacement nutrients, organic seeds, and inert mediums. With these comprehensive kits, you'll have everything necessary to kick-start your hydroponic garden.

Terrace Gardening

Build a tranquil place on your terrace or outdoor living space with our greening and plant styling services. Our meticulously curated grow kits are designed to optimize your terrace space, eliminating the need for the tedious task of sourcing tools and supplies. With our assistance, you can effortlessly grow an array of fresh plants, vegetables, and fruits all year long.

Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) Fish Farming

Grow aquatic life in an environment that is self-contained and highly efficient. We offer tried-and-true RAS technology for producing high-quality fish and other aquatic products while reducing water usage and environmental impact.


Get started on your urban farming journey

How we work
with you


Site Assessment

Embarking on our collaboration, our dedicated team visits your location, allowing us to gain an understanding of space and its unique characteristics. Through this process, we can provide valuable recommendations on optimizing the area and unlocking its full potential.



We embrace the philosophy of “know before you grow” when it comes to our consulting approach. We believe that understanding your goals and objectives is paramount to delivering exceptional value. That’s why we prioritize meeting with your team to gain valuable insights into your vision.



We create a customized solution that includes everything from understanding your market to developing your concept to buying and financing equipment. So, you can overcome any teething issues you may face on your journey for a sustainable and green future.


Farm Build

We handle the entire installation of your urban farm based on our farm design, ensuring that you receive the best services at every step of the way. We blend DIY creativity with tech-savvy innovation to create low-cost, effective strategies so that your farm can have the best conditions to flourish.


Ongoing Management

Our dedicated team not only sets up and runs your farm but also empowers your own team to manage it effectively in the long run. We are on a mission to help you maximize the potential of your farm and to do so we utilize our network of organic farms that can provide the care your farm deserves.



We’re here to help you grow. This commitment extends beyond technical support; we believe in nurturing your project through frequent check-ins, shared tips for optimizing plant production, opportunities for continued education, and much more. We assist you in transforming this into a long-term engagement platform.

We help you grow!

Whether it's a commercial farm or an urban farm, we can help you set it up.

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We are passionate pioneers in the realm of organic farming. We take pride in providing customized urban farming solutions. And are on a mission to help both consumers and commercial growers leverage cutting-edge technology and resources to grow healthy, organic produce with minimal environmental impact. Venonto is changing the way we farm—and for the better!

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